About Us

Our vision is to be Kenya's leading
horticultural exporter with international brand recognition

Vert is a Kenya-based, indigenous company that specializes in growth and export of fresh produce specifically for the European Market.

Since our inception in the year 2000 we traded under the name ‘Vert Fresh Limited’, however, in 2006  management made a conscious decision to change the name to Vert Limited to be in line with their long-term plans of diversifying from green produce. Our business model is based on sourcing of fresh produce from small scale farmers spread across a large cross-section of the country which we then export the entire production to the European Market.

We envision our company to be Kenya’s leading horticultural exporter with international brand recognition, supplying fresh horticultural produce to an extensive and diverse customer base.

The company’s sole mission is to satisfy our customers by supplying the safest and highest quality standard of affordable horticultural produce.

Through collective energy, expertise and intellect of our team members, while maintaining individual responsibility. We create a working environment where passionate team members with a positive attitude will grow and achieve their highest potential.

We practice fairness and honesty at all levels as we interact and communicate with each other. We recognize that positive reputation and corporate image is earned through adhering to high ethical and moral standards.