Vert works with the rural communities in Kenya, where its activities have contributed greatly to the economies of the surrounding communities. We acknowledge a shared responsibility for social development and believe our activities directly and indirectly benefit an estimated 5,000 people. Some of our activities include donation of food to orphaned children’s homes, annual participation and contributions to Rhino Charge for wildlife and environmental conservation.

The company has a combined workforce of over 200 employees across Kenya who are selected and developed into the best qualified employees to meet company objectives, while providing for individual career achievement. We are committed to the principles of Ethical Trading Initiative code (ETI) and promote fair working practices while complying to the employment laws of our motherland.

Vert cares for the health of staff by providing personal protective clothing, health-related leaves, long-term working benefits, training on aspects of general health eg HIV/AIDS, STI and arrangement for subsidized medical check-up and certification.

We also practice integrated pest management(IPM) which enables us to solve pest problems while at the same time minimizing risks to people and to the environment.