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Our Products Range

Our fresh produce range includes:


Known for their sweetness and rich flavor, our mangoes are sourced from the best orchards.


Creamy and nutritious, our avocados are a favorite in many households and restaurants.


Sweet, juicy, and perfect for both fresh consumption and culinary uses.


Bursting with tangy flavor, these are ideal for fresh eating or juicing.


We also offer a variety of fresh vegetables, including kale, spinach, and green beans, all grown under strict quality standards.

Mango Pulp

Our mango pulp is made from premium, fully ripened mangoes. It is ideal for a range of culinary applications including beverages, desserts, and sauces.

Dried Mango Slices

Our dried mango slices have quickly become a favorite in both local and international markets. They are Sun-Ripened on the tree, capturing the full natural sweetness and vibrant flavor.


Vert Limited also partners with local farmers to produce high-quality beans, a staple in several varieties. The beans are packed with protein, fiber, and essential minerals, making them a nutritious choice for any meal.